On March 20, James Laurie and Mary Ann Mengel will present an interactive digital game designed and developed for a hybrid international business course. In this game, learners create a character through which they will experience the impact of currency exchange rates upon their business ventures in the international market. They purchase a product internationally and sell domestically with the goal of earning the largest possible profit. Currency exchange rates impact cost and profit in random story-based scenarios. The concept for the game was derived from a classroom demonstration. By expanding the concept, an engaging game-based learning activity was conceived, designed, developed, and implemented. This presentation will also explore the facets of games leveraged in the design of this project; lessons learned from the transformation of a classroom demonstration to a digital game-based learning activity; challenges related to web accessibility of a Flash-based game; and feedback gathered from students.

  • Date: Wed. March 20
  • Time: Noon-1PM
  • Date: 202K Rider or Adobe Connect

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