Prepare for the upcoming Gaming Day in May with a brownbag presentation from Kathy Maxwell about how she gamified her health/wellness course.

Kinesiology instructor Kathy Maxwell will discuss the results of teaching a health and wellness course using a gaming format in place of a traditional lesson plan. Based on excerpts from “The Multiplayer Classroom” by Lee Sheldon (2011), the course incorporated concepts and terminology commonly used by most digital natives (aka students) in the year 2013. For students, the course becomes a game with a course objective that upon completion of this multiplayer classroom game, players will no longer be n00b (newbie/a rank amateur) in the area of physical literacy.

Maxwell will address the following questions: Does acquiring XP (experience points) appeal to students more so than earning a grade? Does crafting a “back story” resonate more clearly than writing a paper? Does the GameMaster wield more power than the course instructor? Participants will see just how well played this GHA offering really was.

  • Date: Wed April 17
  • Time: Noon – 1PM
  • Location: 202K Rider or Adobe Connect

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