What is the Educational Gaming Commons (EGC)?

Penn State’s Educational Gaming Commons is a group devoted to to exploration of games as a tool to improve teaching, learning and research. How do we do it? Several ways!

  • we work with faculty to design custom educational games for classroom use.
  • we help faculty leverage commercial, off the shelf games to improve learning
  • we help bring game like elements to the classroom, allowing instructors to leverage some of what makes games compelling without the need for a full on game
  • we manage a state of the art gaming lab that allows our faculty to leverage games in their classrooms, without the need to support it themselves
  • we expand the boundaries of Education Gaming research with our own research initiative, designed to assess the validity of our efforts and inform future practice
  • investigate advances games, technologies, or game-like practices to stay in touch with a rapidly evolving field

Thanks to our position within the University’s central technology unit (ITS), we are able to leverage our experience with educational gaming to help faculty, staff, and students from any academic department.

Getting Involved

Interested in using a game for your class, conducting research around games, or just talking with the EGC? Find out more about how to get involved with educational gaming.

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