Faculty and Staff

  • I’d like to learn more about educational gaming.
  • I’d like to discuss how I might be able to rethink my course to include the use of exisitng games
  • I’d like to talk about an idea I have for creating an educational game.
  • I’d like to talk about gaming research, or would be interested in help writing a grant around gaming research
  • I’d like for someone to speak to my class, staff, or faculty meeting about some facet of gaming or educational gaming.

For these kinds of requests and more, contact us.


  • I’d like to help shape the future of educational gaming. We’re always looking for students interested in playing games and sharing their thoughts. We even feed you. What could be better. Signup to join our research list and be notified of opcoming opportunities to participate. Don’t worry – signing up does not obligate you to do anything. It just insures that we can keep you in on the loop.
  • I’d like to know about upcoming events, like game company visits, talks, or training opportunities. Follow us on Facebook or keep an eye on the #psuegc hashtag on Twitter.