ChemBlaster is a web based game designed to help players learn core Chemistry concepts, including elemental symbols and 52 common ions and polyatomic compounds… by blowing them to bits.


Launch the game.


  • Race against the clock to blast through Dr. L. Amit’s chemical barrier and thwart his evil plans!
  • 4 action packed levels of Chemical calamity!
  • Compete with your friends for bragging rights and classroom domination!


Use the arrow keys to aim the ChemCannon and blast away the correct elements, ions, or charges. The spacebar fires balls, ions, and other elements to build and blow away your targets!

Project Details

Find out how this game was developed on the Chemblaster project page.

Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802



How do you make foundational chemistry memorization interesting to students? Have them play Chemblaster – a game designed to make learning elemental symbols, ion charges and polyatomic compounds fun!