A banner image for the EconU game 

“EconU” was developed by the EGC in collaboration with Dirk Mateer and Dave Brown from Penn State’s Department of Economics. The overall goal of the EconU project is to create a game which may serve as the capstone projects for Econ102 students. In EconU, students will be expected to build and maintain their own fictional University by demonstrating their knowledge of the following key microeconomics concepts:

  • elasticity
  • trade offs
  • demand/supply
  • total revenue
  • costs
  • diminishing returns
  • scale
  • efficiencies
  • externalities



  • Build and Update your campus to follow your personal vision. Will “EconU” be the world’s greatest party school, an athletic powerhouse, or an elite research institution? The choice is yours.
  • Define and Adjust your policies to keep your University moving forward, with the difficult job of keeping your population happy. From the amount you charge for tuition to the buildings you choose to build – every decision you make will impact your success.
  • Respond to the unexpected. Even the most careful planner will have to deal with unexpected events – both good and bad. One day a wealthy alumni might donate piles of cash to your school. The next, your energy costs could skyrocket. Will you be ready to respond?
  • In Game Trophies not only measure your accomplishments in game, but they also add a visual flair to your campus. Want to line one of your streets in gold? Better bring your profit maximizing A game.

By The Numbers:

  • Deployed for classroom use: Fall 2012
  • Number of players: 2,521
  • Number of games played: 32,984
  • Number of trophies unlocked: 11,513

EconU was created using the EGC’s FLAG Engine.