A banner image for the game Time and Patients

Time and Patients is the EGC’s latest game project. Developed in collaboration with Jonathan Clark and Wendy Mahan from Penn State’s department of Health Policy Administration, the game situates the player as the head of a walk in clinic and forces them to make tough decisions around a number of different factors, including staffing, amenities and overall policies in order to keep the clinic afloat. Though the game is being designed to create a number of teachable moments, it was originally conceived to help students better understand the impact of different intervention strategies on a clinic’s performance as well as queueing systems.


Screenshot from the EGC game "Time and Patients"


  • Follow the Clues. When you start off, your clinic is a mess. Watch the shift replays or study reports to find out what to fix and what is working well.
  • Staff Up. Hire and schedule the best and brightest at all of your positions. Balance the needs of a shift with work, profits, and of course patient satisfaction. How do you know who the best people are? The devil is in the details…
  • Make Your Clinic Your Own. Fishtank? Wireless internet? How about a fresh coat of paint or some flower beds? A wide range of amenities are available to help you maximize your space. Little things can make a big difference when it comes to making patients happy.

Time and Patients was created using the EGC’s FLAG Engine.

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