Exploring the use of games as a tool for teaching and learning is meaningless without the data to support it. To this end, the EGC researches the effectiveness of educational games in two different ways. Formal assessment of our projects and small quick hitting “micro-research” efforts designed to inform practice and test ideas. The goal of these two efforts is not only to help build a foundational understanding of how video games effect their players, but also to create a continual cycle of research which informs practice, which informs future research.

What we learn will help to shape the way we build future educational games in the future, insuring we are able to maximize their value as learning tools.

MicroResearch Schedule

Next study: Exploring the educational potential of Chemblaster


  • general game design
  • narrative impact
  • short and long term retention

On Deck:

The impact of leaderboads on gameplay


  • competition & motivation

Possible Future Themes:

  • player vs player competition
  • achievements, goals and objectives
  • choice
  • role playing and character development
  • usability
  • non traditional interfaces and input devices
  • mobile gaming
  • augmented reality
  • visual fidelity
  • narrative
  • feedback mechanisms
  • scaffold design
  • tutorials, instructions and help
  • audio impact
  • community

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Faculty and Staff

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How do you make foundational chemistry memorization interesting to students? Have them play Chemblaster – a game designed to make learning elemental symbols, ion charges and polyatomic compounds fun!